The Sailing School by Kalev Yacht Club is the sailing club with the longest traditions in Tallinn, Estonia, running since 1977. This is the sailing school where Estonian Olympic medalists in the last decades have made their first small steps towards great sailing careers. This is where it all begins. You have come to the right place.

We have all year round training groups and locations in Tallinn and in Haapsalu. Classes at the school run all year round, sailing classes and regattas from May to September, athletics, swimming and theory classes from November to April. School break is in October. There are also several camps and regattas in warmer countries organised throughout the year, where young sailors can attend if desired.

In 2023 we have got 70 young sailors in the school , with ages rangeing from 6-19 years. The school is open for joining throughout the year.

We are focused on the most popular sail boat classes, such as Optimist, Zoom8, ILCA, RS Feva, RS Aero and 29er. The youngest sailors from the age of 6-12 start with Optimist, which gives them good knowledge on sailing basics, the rules and safety, in addition to valuable experience of racing at different regattas. Not to mention healthy activity in the fresh air, skills for organisation and discipline in their own life, teamwork, and most importantly –sailors as adults are often considered to be the people with the strongest personalities and most successful lives..

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