ORC ja Volvo Estonia ORC Euroopa Meistrivõistluste klubiõhtu Pärnu Jahtklubis, 8. mail kell 19.00. Ooodatud kõik purjetajad, jahiomanikud, võistlusametnikud ja meedia. Buss viib Tallinnast mugavalt Pärnusse ja toob ka Tallinnasse tagasi. Lisainfo alloleval pildil. Klubiõhtul esinevad Jüri Sõber -2015 Volvo Estonia ORC Euroopa MV korralduskomitee juht; Dobbs Davis, Paolo Massarini, Zoran Grubisa ja Nicola Zironi – ORC. Täienav info Kalev Jahtklubi klubiülem: Indrek Ilves, tel: 505 2526, e-post: indrek@kjk.ee

ORC Rating Systems Presentation and

Volvo Estonia ORC European Championship Preview

Pärnu Yacht Club
19:00, Friday, May 8, 2015

Join us for an informative evening of international sailing with a presentation and discussion of the latest trends and innovations from ORC, the largest science-based rating system in the world, and co-organizer with Kalev Yacht Club and Pärnu Yacht Club of the Volvo Estonia ORC European Championship being held over August 10-16 in Pärnu.

Since the popular Audi ORC World Championship in Helsinki in 2012, ORC has been growing worldwide by nearly 10% per year, with nearly 9500 certificates issued in 40 countries in 2014. Come and find out why this is the world’s most popular and fastest-growing system of science-based handicapping.

An overview will be made of how the system works – from measurement, to certificates, to scoring – as well as the racing format of ORC championship events. There will also be a discussion of how ORC science is improved every year so that all boat types can be competitive within the system.

A preview will also be made of the Volvo Estonia ORC European Championship, with event ChairmanJüri Sõber and other representatives of the event available for any questions regarding preparations for this important event on the international yachting calendar. Previous ORC champions will also be attending to give insight to their success in past ORC championship events.

The lead presenter from ORC will be international journalist Dobbs Davis (USA), with other members of the ORC team available to answer questions: Paolo Massarini (ITA), Chairman of the ORC Offshore Classes and Events Committee; Zoran Grubisa (CRO) of the ORC Technical Staff; and Nicola Sironi(ITA), Chief Measurer for ORC.

ORC klubiõhtu Pärnus_08052015